SCHAUFF on TV 01.08.2002

On August 6, SCHAUFF will be featured in the technical magazine of PRO 7, "Galileo" at 7:30 PM. PRO 7 can be received europe-wide by ASTRA satellite in analogue and digital format.

''Köln - Schuld - Frechen'' 05.03.2002

At 24th March 2002 the RC Adler Köln e.V. will organize the 51th "Köln - Schuld - Frechen", a traditional bike event. more infos:

Team Telekom on SOIL tandem 22.02.2002

The top-bikers of the German Team Telekom have been seen on a SOIL Tandems. 06.12.2001

The new Schauff Label rheinische Manufaktur will now go online. You will find it at

SCHAUFF Tandem drives through America 03.11.2001

Sebastian Burger drives on a SCHAUFF Tandem through South America. news about the tour:

new SOIL bike in Television intruduced 17.10.2001

In the siencemagazin "Galileo" (Pro 7) has been the new SOIL bike intruduced. This bike has a fully- electronic Shimano DI2 Group.

Andreas Müller wins German Championship 04.07.2001

Andreas Müller wins the German Championship in 50 km Pointdriving in Chemnitz on a SOIL frame.

4 SOIL bikes have been stolen 16.06.2001

While the bike Festival in Willingen have been 4 SOIL bikes stolen. On of them was a TOP 2002 Prototype.

Steffen Rodachla wins 2 stages of Thüringen Rundfahrt 01.06.2000

Steffen Rodachla wins 2 stages of the "Thüringen Rundfahrt" on Schauff-BDR racing bike.

Team COAST makes the 2nd place 19.03.2000

On a SOIL bike, Team COAST makes the 2nd place in the Race "Köln - Schuld - Frechem".

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