usage of shimano brakepads

Shimano number name use
MTB V-Brake
Y-8AB98010M70R2 XTR brake shoeStandard-Race
Y-8AA98010 S70C XT etc. brake shoe Standard-Low Noise
Y-8AA98030 Ceramic XTR brake shoe Ceramic
Y-8AA98100 Ceramic XT etc.brake shoeCeramic
Y-8GV98030M70T4 XT etc. brake shoe"Low Noise"
Y-8AA98020M70R2 XTR/XT sep. padsStandard
Y-8AA98040CeramicXTR/XT sep. padsCeramic
Y-8AA98130S70CXTR/XT sep. pads"Low Noise"

Y-8FA98021 DA etc. sep. pads"High Performance"
Y-8FA98020 DA etc. sep. pads Standard

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