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In 1932 bicycle-enthusiast Hans Schauff senior brazed his first racing frame right beside the 6-days track in Cologne. This was the very first step of what was to become the world-wide known bicycle-brand SCHAUFF. The german bicycle-manufacturer is now based in Remagen 50 km south of Cologne. Equipped with high-tech production-facilities, SCHAUFF is private property of the Schauff family.

After WW II the Schauff's moved to Remagen due to the destruction of the factory in Cologne. Restarting the production near the famous "Apollinaris"-church, the company moved in 1968 to a new site close to the railway, to facilitate the transportation of the containers to the many export customers all over the world.

SCHAUFF stands for road racing bicycles, Triathlon- and Mountainbikes, trekkingbikes, BMX-bikes, special suspension touring bikes for people with spinal column problems, lightriders, tandems and citybikes, all made of aluminium, steel or carbon.

SCHAUFF offers a complete range of high quality bicycles for everyone┬┤s taste.

Over the years SCHAUFF has been equipping professional cyclists. From there a lot of innovations derived and resulted in constructing state-of-the-art-bikes.

Specialized bicycle-dealers in Germany and partners all over the world trust in SCHAUFF bicycles, made in Germany.

founded 1907 in Bad Godesberg

winner Silberner Adler 1932

German Champion 1950

frame building in the 1950s

new buildings in Remagen since 1946

new rail connected factory in 1968

toruing bikes in the 1960s

bike revival: folding bike 1966

a 1970s dream: Highriser

racing bikes: Altig-Schauff-Merckx 1978

Aero racing bikes 1980

Mike Kluge: CX - World Champion 1985

Olympic and World Champion: Stefan Steinweg

World Champion: Mark Scanlon

BDR Ausrüster

BMX since 1974

MTB since 1981

Bicycle Design: Colani 1983

Bicycle Design: 4 x Red Dot sice 1996

Pedelec: La Luna e.t.c.

Pedelec: midmotor Mitsubishi mhi

Carbon: Suspac

Carbon: Indy

Carbon: Wall Street Duo

puiblic rental bikes

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